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LXF Authors

League of Extraordinary Fanfiction Authors
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This is a community for registered authors of the League of Extraordinary Fanfiction website. If you're an author of LXG fanfic, based on the movie or on the graphic novels, why not join us? Just head on over to the LXF website and come on board! We embrace all genres, ships, ratings, and styles.

The purpose of this community is for the LXF authors to get to know one another. This is a place for posting challenges, discussing character traits, recommending stories and fan art, requesting editing help, and even just chatting. It's not meant as a place for posting stories, however -- that's what the LXF is for!

We expect that little moderation will be required. However, if you should have questions or issues about something...settiai is Quatermain, for our purposes (that is, the leader), and ladynorbert is Nemo (the one who maintains the ship -- er, community).