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On the Subject of Vampirism

Here's a thought sort of specific to movie!League fandom...

What rules do you use for Mina's vampirism?

I've never been a fan of overpowering vampires; if the protagonists are supposed to be fighting them, it makes things too impossible, if the protagonists are vampires, too many fancy schmancy abilities make the readers lose interest.

We know from the film that Mina can change into bats-- turning into a bat is a fairly standard trick; turning into a whole group* of them seems a way of keeping that olde-worlde flair while at least giving lip service to conservation of energy. (Turning into one's body weight in bats.) She's resistant to sunlight, drinks blood, falls down real good but doesn't die if you put a sword through her heart, and has inhuman strength and speed. She heals instantly... and frankly I'm not sure if she can fly herself or has to do the bat-trick to do it. I'd have to watch the movie again.

Maybe it's just me, but those look like pretty standard Byronic traits. Dracula-- in the novel, not working from any movie-- could stand sunlight, control 'lower creatures', specifically wolves and rats*, and could also transform, though into a mist, not a whatever of bats. Like Mina, his eyes turned red while on the hunt. Bullets, as I recall, had little effect in stopping him. A stake through the heart had to be employed. It certainly looks to me as though the film followed the source novel (albeit probably by accident). True, she was supposed to have been cleansed of vampirism at the end of Dracula, but I can think of a few ways that could have gone wrong, or failed to be effective.

So. What does everyone else think? Does Mina have to obey the classic vampire rules, or is she of a more modernized sort? Certainly she's not one of the old vrykolakes. Someone would have mentioned the smell.

*does anyone know what you call a group of bats? Flock just sounds funny, as does pack.

*this should make me nervous. My sister's dog is part wolf and I just rescued a juvenile rat from her cat.
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