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Wait, what?

I hereby present my "WHAT?" moment of the bloody year.

I don't read romance, so to me, the name Gail Dayton doesn't mean a whole lot. Perhaps it might to some of you. To me, Gail Dayton is another one of the women who frequents the message boards at Tony Curran Online. But the fact is that she's a fairly prolific, well-known author.

And today she read my LXG fan fiction.

And this is what she had to say:

Okay, Norbert, why are you writing fan fiction? Your stuff is Good. (I love your dialog--especially Skinner's cute lines.)

Yeah, there's not too much market for things written in Victorian diarist style--but there could be. It's sort of historical chick lit...

Write NEW things that could be made into movies for our man to play in.

Or, you know--whatever. It's your choice. Yeah, it's hard to make the switch from fan to original, but you've got the skills. You ought to make the leap. It is possible.

I should know. (my website is at gaildayton.com if you want to see why) Though when I was writing fan fiction, there was no such thing as the internet and it didn't even have an official name...but it's great practice for writing your own stuff.

Okay, once more, with clarity: A well-read author of published romance fiction has just praised my fanfic.

Am I on Candid Camera?
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