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let's talk about the OC

New topic for discussion (because I'm taking a break from my second LXG story and need something amusing to do).

Have you written an LXG original character? What did you do -- or didn't you do -- to keep said OC from turning into the dreaded Mary Sue? Did you run the OC through xanthophiliac's excellent Mary Sue Litmus Test? Did you feel comfortable putting the OC into the League's world?

My OC is Elizabeth, Allan Quatermain's daughter. In my version of the LXGverse, Allan's son (Harry, the one who died) was his child by his first wife, and was the favored offspring. Elizabeth, daughter by his second wife, was brought up by her mother's sister; her mother died in childbirth and Allan didn't really have much use for a little girl. Shortly before receiving notice of Allan's death, she gets a letter from him urging her to go on a weird mission. After the League buries him in Kenya, they happen to learn from one of his friends about his daughter back in London, so they go to pay their respects and end up going on the mission. At their insistence, she accompanies them and ends up in a world of trouble, because there's more to the mission than it would appear.

Is she a Mary Sue? I dunno...she did pass the litmus test, which made me happy. Most people don't seem to think she's an MS. I know it sends up a bit of a red flag, having her be the daughter of a canon character, but it works for my purposes.

I worked very hard to keep her from being a Mary Sue. For one thing, I don't tell my readers she's beautiful. In fact, I don't tell them what she looks like at all! The stories about Elizabeth are told as entries she writes in her diary, and what circumstances would prompt a proper Victorian girl to write in her diary how she looks? Also, she has no real talents. She has one talent, in the form of knowledge about the raising and application of different herbs, but that's it. She's somewhat useless, truthfully. She's also a little blind to certain facts, about which I'm not going to say any more because I don't want to give it away. (It's still early yet, but one or two of my readers have already guessed.)

Anyone else care to chat about their OC?
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