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15th June 2007

corey_144312:18am: Is anyone still there.

I just joined and I want to bring this place back to life.

Here is a story idea I have.

The league is back.Allen is alive and with the team agen.
They have become like the justice league.Then on a meshin smone triys to kill Tom and is stopd by a stranger in a black cloke.He turns out to be Gray who is given a secind chance and a new ceurs by who he says is the godes of death and the angel of mercy.The leage findout that the his new ceurs is he turns in to werewolf like Hellhound and if he dosnot change his back-stabing ways he well go back to hell.

Have fun!
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16th February 2006

ladynorbert11:59am: gratuitous community promotion
Sorry for the kind of off-topic nature, but hey, LXG deserves representation, right?

My dear friend likesthesilence has established a new icon community, themedstillness. It's multi-fandom. Basically, each week there will be a theme, and members submit icons from any fandom they like which correspond with the theme. Right now there's only four members, but once she has (I believe) ten, she'll start setting the themes. After the submission deadline for each icon theme, members will have the opportunity to vote on the icons they like best.

I know there's lots of creative icon-makers floating around here, so I thought I'd mention it. Hope to see some of you there!

(Crossposted like whoa.)

5th February 2006

toia_nilson5:46pm: NEW LJ-COMMUNITY!
Hey guys!

For anybody of you who's interested:

I just opened a new lj-community about our dear cute hottie Jason as Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Edward Hyde in "The league of Extraordinary Gentlemen". Just couldn't help myself, I adore him (of course not only) in that role! xD

So anyone wants to check it out go and click jaseflem_jekyll for further information.

Hope to see you, soon!


*~Mrs. Nilson~*
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17th October 2005

mayhemme2:39pm: Not sure if this was mentioned here before, but just in case, I'd like to direct your attention to lxg_stillness, the LXG icon contest community run by likesthesilence. It's a lot of fun, but it needs more participants, so please give it a look -- and feel free to vote in the current competition, which is icons of Captain Nemo.

(Crossposted to lxg, lxi, and lxg_fanfiction)

11th March 2005

mayhemme7:45am: ....the hell?
Coming soon: A League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Nothing to do with LXG, but the title sure made me do a double take.

16th October 2004

settiai5:46pm: News Update
If anyone didn't see it, I just posted a new bit of news on the website's main page.

I never really thought that I'd have to say this, but it looks as if I was mistaken.

Please don't merely post an author's note saying that you'll have the first chapter of a story finished sometime in the future. Wait until you have something to post before you upload it to the site.

This has also been added to the list of rules.

31st July 2004

ladynorbert2:38pm: Hey, this is still mayhemme. I transferred ownership of this community to my fanfic-specific LJ. Just a head's up. :)

30th July 2004

rainbowjehan10:18pm: Random musing is probably not good, but hey.
Question: The Harry Potter fandom has mini-Aragogs for when characters' names are misspelled... and LotR has mini-Balrogs.


When someone misspells the name of an LXG character in fic, does that create a mini-Dante Beast? Or a mini-Alien-thingy? Or a mini-Hyde? Any thoughts?

(If this is OT, I shall get rid of it immediately.)
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27th July 2004

rainbowjehan11:16pm: Probably spamming at this point, but...
Another Skinner pic by Waen Chen.
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mayhemme1:42pm: Queen of Random Events, reporting for duty
I apologize for the rather off-topicness of this post, but we ARE writers, and this IS about writing, so...yeah. I was excited and had to share. Feel free to skip it if you want.

I've just been interviewed by CNN!Collapse )
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25th July 2004

rainbowjehan11:51pm: *wibbles*
Er--I'm really sorry about this, but I tried posting "Whisper Words" on the LXF, and again it's cheerfully clumping into a block of text. Help?
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rainbowjehan11:13pm: O_O
Oh heavens. Look at this.

I think Miss Waen Chen may just be brilliant...
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22nd July 2004

almightyhat12:17am: On the Subject of Vampirism
Here's a thought sort of specific to movie!League fandom...

What rules do you use for Mina's vampirism?

I've never been a fan of overpowering vampires; if the protagonists are supposed to be fighting them, it makes things too impossible, if the protagonists are vampires, too many fancy schmancy abilities make the readers lose interest.

We know from the film that Mina can change into bats-- turning into a bat is a fairly standard trick; turning into a whole group* of them seems a way of keeping that olde-worlde flair while at least giving lip service to conservation of energy. (Turning into one's body weight in bats.) She's resistant to sunlight, drinks blood, falls down real good but doesn't die if you put a sword through her heart, and has inhuman strength and speed. She heals instantly... and frankly I'm not sure if she can fly herself or has to do the bat-trick to do it. I'd have to watch the movie again.

Maybe it's just me, but those look like pretty standard Byronic traits. Dracula-- in the novel, not working from any movie-- could stand sunlight, control 'lower creatures', specifically wolves and rats*, and could also transform, though into a mist, not a whatever of bats. Like Mina, his eyes turned red while on the hunt. Bullets, as I recall, had little effect in stopping him. A stake through the heart had to be employed. It certainly looks to me as though the film followed the source novel (albeit probably by accident). True, she was supposed to have been cleansed of vampirism at the end of Dracula, but I can think of a few ways that could have gone wrong, or failed to be effective.

So. What does everyone else think? Does Mina have to obey the classic vampire rules, or is she of a more modernized sort? Certainly she's not one of the old vrykolakes. Someone would have mentioned the smell.

*does anyone know what you call a group of bats? Flock just sounds funny, as does pack.

*this should make me nervous. My sister's dog is part wolf and I just rescued a juvenile rat from her cat.
mayhemme1:10am: Wait, what?
I hereby present my "WHAT?" moment of the bloody year.

I don't read romance, so to me, the name Gail Dayton doesn't mean a whole lot. Perhaps it might to some of you. To me, Gail Dayton is another one of the women who frequents the message boards at Tony Curran Online. But the fact is that she's a fairly prolific, well-known author.

And today she read my LXG fan fiction.

And this is what she had to say:

Okay, Norbert, why are you writing fan fiction? Your stuff is Good. (I love your dialog--especially Skinner's cute lines.)

Yeah, there's not too much market for things written in Victorian diarist style--but there could be. It's sort of historical chick lit...

Write NEW things that could be made into movies for our man to play in.

Or, you know--whatever. It's your choice. Yeah, it's hard to make the switch from fan to original, but you've got the skills. You ought to make the leap. It is possible.

I should know. (my website is at gaildayton.com if you want to see why) Though when I was writing fan fiction, there was no such thing as the internet and it didn't even have an official name...but it's great practice for writing your own stuff.

Okay, once more, with clarity: A well-read author of published romance fiction has just praised my fanfic.

Am I on Candid Camera?
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rainbowjehan12:05am: Hihi.
*waves anxiously* Hi, hi, I'm Soujin Prouvaire (and my main fandom shouldn't be too hard to guess, considering the gratuitous reference).

I'm going to be a posting author at LXF, but I'm having trouble with the formatting. I've tried [ b r ][ / b r ], and just normal spacing down, but it doesn't seem to be working, and my thing is coming out a block of text.

Does anyone know what I should be doing? Thanks! ^_^
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18th July 2004

mayhemme6:05pm: My day has been made.

Hell, my whole year has just been made.

Our very own Stargazer (serena_inverse), who is one of my very favorite readers, knows how much I love both Skinner and Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. So she sent me the most delightful present.

I am the luckiest fan fiction writer in the world.
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6th July 2004

gothic_comedian6:32pm: I was wondering what everyone thought Rodney looked like under his insibility. I cant think really of it myself beacuse i always pictured him looking like his acotr Tony Curran. But Tony's scottish and Rodney's english so technally they wouldn't look like eachother would they?

So if you could help me here it'd be much aprechiated. *kills her fan fic*
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4th July 2004

mayhemme12:11am: LXG Fanfiction Awards
Hey guys,

I've been made the new owner/maintainer of lxg_fanfiction, and my first act as benevolent dictator is to establish an annual set of awards for LXG fanfic. Why? Because we deserve them, and there weren't any.

You don't have to be a member of the community to nominate stories for the awards, so if you've got a favorite story that you think deserves a prize, hop on over and leave a comment with the relevant info (title, author, link, and category in which you're nominating). Please feel free to spread this information in other LXG communities as well. Thanks!

(Crossposted at lxg and lxf)

21st June 2004

mayhemme11:16pm: I don't believe it.

I don't believe it!

If you add up the hit counts at Fanfiction.net (currently 919) and at the League of Extraordinary Fanfiction (currently 86), my first LXG story has been read more than one thousand times. It's only about a month old!

That's...incredible. I can't even find words to describe how unbelievably awesome this makes me feel. If there were awards for fanfiction, like the Hugo or the Edgar, I suppose this is sort of how it would feel to win one.

I hope I'm not coming off as bragging. I was just so excited and I had to share with people who would understand -- most of my friends don't. :)
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support_gc_sp7:58am: Dorian/Tom Community
‘Ello, everyone. I just wanted to let you know of the recently started Dorian/Tom community, htpp://www.livejournal.com/community/immorallove/. If you’re a fan of this ship, come check it out! Nothing’s up yet, post wise, as it was just thought of and started yesterday. But the layout and stuff's all nice. *grins*
Ta-ta, my freaky darlings.

Crossposted like mad. Sorry. :)

17th June 2004

mayhemme3:36pm: art request?
Sorry for the multiple crosspost and somewhat off-topicness...but does anyone know any LXG fan artists? I would absolutely adore a couple realistic sketches based on my stories, and if anyone is interested in doing them, I would love you/them forever.

If there's a more appropriate place to make this request, I'd be grateful for a nudge in the right direction. Thanks, MFDs. :)

1st June 2004

settiai2:08pm: Two Icons
Here are two icons that can be used for this community:

They aren't very good, since I just threw them together, but they should work for now. I'll make a decent one when I have the time.
mayhemme2:52am: let's talk about the OC
New topic for discussion (because I'm taking a break from my second LXG story and need something amusing to do).

Have you written an LXG original character? What did you do -- or didn't you do -- to keep said OC from turning into the dreaded Mary Sue? Did you run the OC through xanthophiliac's excellent Mary Sue Litmus Test? Did you feel comfortable putting the OC into the League's world?

My OC is Elizabeth, Allan Quatermain's daughter. In my version of the LXGverse, Allan's son (Harry, the one who died) was his child by his first wife, and was the favored offspring. Elizabeth, daughter by his second wife, was brought up by her mother's sister; her mother died in childbirth and Allan didn't really have much use for a little girl. Shortly before receiving notice of Allan's death, she gets a letter from him urging her to go on a weird mission. After the League buries him in Kenya, they happen to learn from one of his friends about his daughter back in London, so they go to pay their respects and end up going on the mission. At their insistence, she accompanies them and ends up in a world of trouble, because there's more to the mission than it would appear.

Is she a Mary Sue? I dunno...she did pass the litmus test, which made me happy. Most people don't seem to think she's an MS. I know it sends up a bit of a red flag, having her be the daughter of a canon character, but it works for my purposes.

I worked very hard to keep her from being a Mary Sue. For one thing, I don't tell my readers she's beautiful. In fact, I don't tell them what she looks like at all! The stories about Elizabeth are told as entries she writes in her diary, and what circumstances would prompt a proper Victorian girl to write in her diary how she looks? Also, she has no real talents. She has one talent, in the form of knowledge about the raising and application of different herbs, but that's it. She's somewhat useless, truthfully. She's also a little blind to certain facts, about which I'm not going to say any more because I don't want to give it away. (It's still early yet, but one or two of my readers have already guessed.)

Anyone else care to chat about their OC?

31st May 2004

gothic_comedian10:52am: well jello. on LXF i am Skinners_Goth. Tho sadly i have yet to post anything. I still need to go thru grammical and spelling errors which isnt any fun. If anyone is interesting in BETAing for me i'd be so aprichiative. I must be going maybe i'll post more another time or something. Mm breakfast..bye.
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